5 Weight-Loss Mistakes Nigerians Make

By Femi Oja / February 15, 2020

Often times, people come to me and complain they are not losing weight. Despite the fact that they’ve tried many weight loss diets and they exercise like madmen.

Now, 99.9 out of 100 times, without fail, I find out they are making one or all of these 5 classic mistakes.

Which mistakes? you ask! Glad you asked.

Without any further delay, let’s jump right into the 5 weight-loss mistake Nigerians make:

1.Following “Oyibo” diet

You’re following a meal plan that half of the foods are foods you’ve never even heard of before, let alone find them in Nigeria.

Don’t laugh. You’ll be surprised how many Nigerians are involved in this nonsense.

It’s just plain madness.

Listen, you can lose weight on our regular Nigerian diet.

Don’t listen to misinformed bloggers that say Nigerian foods are fattening. They are not.

And I dear say, Nigerian foods are one of best weight-loss weapons when used correctly.

2. Having Shiny Object Syndrome

You Jump from one new “shiny” diet program to another. Today you’re doing keto, tomorrow is juice cleanse, next tomorrow is intermittent fasting. If you’re guilty of this offence, then that’s why you’re finding it difficult to lose weight.  Pick a diet you’re comfortable with and stick with it.

For more details on a perfect diet to follow, check out this comprehensive post on how to lose weight easily.

3. Focusing  Only On Exercise

Exercise is not the keys to the weightloss kingdom. From a weight loss point of view, exercise only accounts for about 20% of fat-loss (when done right)

Listen, no matter how much you form “fit fam” but your diet is rubbish, you would hardly lose a single Kg. Now, to drill this point into your head, check out this infographic below:

Nigerian Food Versus Exercise

Nigerian Food Versus Exercise, courtesy of Fit Nigerian

Now, don’t get me wrong, exercise has its place. It’s good for health, muscle building and can help a little in weight loss. However, your diet is number one for weight loss. Put in another way…

Your diet is King.

4. Taking Weight Loss Pills

By now, you should already know that pills don’t work. If they did, everyone will be slim, sexy, happy and rich. However, a lot of folks still fall for this obvious scam.

The sad truth?  There is no weight loss pill that burns fat and there never will be.

Save your money for better things.

5. Being A Couch Potato

Some people are professional “sitters”. They sit in their car to work. Then sit in the office all day. Then round up by sitting on their couch at home and watch TV all night. Next day they rinse and repeat.

If that sounds like you, then that’s exactly what’s keeping you from losing weight.

Like I always say, find any excuse to move around. If you move more throughout the day, your health and waistline will thank you for it.

There you have it, 5 weight loss mistakes Nigerians are guilty of. Leave a comment below and tell me which ones I missed and which ones you’re guilty of.

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    Femi Oja

    Femi Oja (A.K.A Superman Of The Nigerian Fitness Industry) Is the founder of Fitnigerian.com He's On A Dangerous Mission To Make Weight-Loss, Muscle-Building And Living A Healthy Lifestyle Simple, Fun And Easy. He derives joy in simplifying the over complicated health and fitness advice and clearing up the myths surrounding losing weight, building muscles and living a healthy lifestyle.

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