6 Top Products That Sold Volumes In Nigeria Last Year

By Demilade Adebayo / February 13, 2020





If you are of the people that think E-commerce websites are simply aren’t really profitable and all, you might want to think again.

So let’s imagine own an E-commerce website that runs but seems like a deserted island due to lack of sale…

Or you on your journey into the world of E-commerce but need a little bit of direction? Well, rest easy.

It all begins with a  rush of enthusiasm and a great deal of determination, but then after the opening and heavy filling of products to your store, everything begins to die out.

Why? Everything seems stagnant and nothing seems to be selling or perhaps going at the pace you expected it to go.

After sweating blood, getting sleepless nights and all the effort given, nothing comes out.

Sounds like a Nightmare doesn’t it but the fact is it happens. And the main cause? Easy!

You simply are not filling your store with demanding products, things that people need rather than want…

And what are those products you ask?

Well, let’s take a look at them all…


1. Phones

Get this, about 140 million Nigerians use mobile phones with over 92million internet subscribers. So no surprise it’s at the top of this list. Remember what I said earlier on, give to the people what they need rather than want. But then there are literally Tons of phones around us and it can get hard to tell which one has got high demand.




2. Kids Tablet

Sometimes it’s way easier to put a tablet in the hand of a child than a book, and by tablet, I mean an educational one.

in this modern age, kids enjoy learning from devices rather than the good old paper. And there are various types of these learning tablets appropriate for each age group from ages 3-5 all the way to 12-14 and beyond.
This product is really a goldmine right now as parents are making orders in there in large numbers for this product. With that being said you should know it’s a means of getting good cash.

These types of products can be imported or bought from other stores such as Amazon and eBay. Heres an infographic to explain the process better.



3.  Skin Care Products

Now tell me who can do without products like  Deodorant, Face and Body Scrub, Beauty Products, Facial Products, and the likes.

Yh you guessed it, no one. These products never get dust on them when kept on the shelf. These products are part of the most demanding online. Ordered by pretty much everyone and especially the women.

Here’s a chart to better sum it up



4.  Wrist Watch/ Smart Watch

Little research has shown that smartwatches are one of the fastest selling products online. Who wouldn’t like to order a wristwatch that not only tells the time but also does stuff like;

  • Give you Apps
  • Become Your Personal Pedometer
  • Answer calls and  messages by voice
  • GPS
  • Media management

And those are just the essentials, it’s almost like having a phone attached to your wrist! Now, who wouldn’t want that sort of device? Perhaps you might want to get something with a little more luxury and style attached to your wrist. Well it’s all been sorted out.


5. VR Headset

If you think you are an ultimate gamer but haven’t had a taste of VR then you might want to think again. VR stands for Virtual reality and with this gadget, you wouldn’t be caught playing your video games with a pad in front of a screen like every other gaming consoles.

VR technology allows a user to interact with a computer-simulated environment, be it a real or imagined one. So you wouldn’t just be playing the game but also be a part of it. Cool ugh?

What’s more these pairs of technological glasses stormed the internet when it broke out with massive orders from around the world.




6. Interior Decoration Items

Tell me who on this planet doesn’t wish to have a beautiful home, I bet you’ve seen little homes that aren’t so good looking from the outside but with a breathtaking interior. Most houses don’t need an interior decorator to make their home look presentable, all you need are the right designs.

Now get this Trevor Chapman started LDSman.com, an online shop selling random things shipped from China. He made a fortune working just a few hours a week!

On day 92 he quit his job after his first million, hired 5 people and bought a warehouse to ship goods on his own. Now all he spends a week for his business is one hour.

So don’t just lay in the dark like some mushroom get out there and begin filling or creating your online store.







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