7 Productive Things To Do With Your Spear Time In Nigeria

Do you find yourself pondering on what to do with the extra hours you seem to have after the day’s job? Or maybe you have all the time of the day to yourself but don’t know exactly how to spend it…

It’s no secret that making good use of your time leads to productivity while doing the opposite just leaves you being a nobody.

The sad truth is that most people would rather spend time watching multiple series and T.v shows.

Failing to realize that those guys you enjoy watching are already being paid for what they do. While you remain a couch potato, wasting the precious time you have.

On the other hand, Some would rather go hang out with friends, sure that’s cool but how cool is wasting your time with a bunch of pals that in reality make you unproductive in life.

Believe me when I tell you that isn’t something you want to mess with. Am sure you’ve times when you thought back to a time in your life and went “Ohh had I known I would have”.

Such things can simply be analyzed and avoided by making good use of your time.

The last thing we’d want for you to someday look back at your past and curse it. All because of how badly you made use of your time. So with this article, you are going to find out the best ways to use your free time to ensure productivity in your life.

Ready?… Let’s get productive!


new skill

1.Acquire A New Skill

Sure you might be making a living through a skill you have already but, there is no such thing as having too many skills. Getting to familiarise yourself with other means at which you could earn more money and at the same time stand out isn’t a bad idea, is it?

The fact that you already work shouldn’t kill your interest in acquiring something new and useful. Especially if it’s something you’ve always loved but haven’t gotten the chance to try out.

After all your time is something you should invest rather spend.

At a point in my life Playing Basketball and video games seemed to be an everyday routine immediately after work.

Little did I know I was heading for nowhere but the ordinary life of an average Nigerian. Along the line, I found myself reaching an epiphany, There had to be a better way I could make use of my time.

And, of course, there were tons of ways. I ended up spending time my time reading and researching on  Writing.

Fast forward 3 months and it’s already a skill that serves me now and would do the same in years to come. The take away here is to learn something you’ll be happy you did years after.

It could be painting, Tailoring, Programming or graphics design. With the current economy in the country, you really could use as many skill to ensure productivity.

Research also shows that learning new skills actually strengthen the white matter in your brain is called myelin. Which helps you learn things better and faster.

Don’t waste any more time on things that won’t get you anywhere. Do the right thing, take some action!


2. Start A Blog

Now contrary to what a lot of people might tell you, starting a blog isn’t hard, complex or in any way complicated. Blogging is one of the most amazing ways you could spend your spare time because it could lead to amazing opportunities.

Uche Pedro is an amazing example,  she decided to start blogging when she got bored during the two weeks holiday that she had. Perhaps all she wanted to do was connect with the world through her blog.

And guess what, after a year Bellanaija began getting more than a million views per month.

When her blog became popular she decided to quit her job in Canada and move to Nigeria where she decided to concentrate her efforts on her blogging business which instantly took off and then she started getting advertisers.

It all started from a single hobby that got driven by boredom.

You see she could have decided to just party or day-long or hang out with friends. But she did none of those but rather took her time to sit in front of her laptop to share with the world her opinions and views on lifestyle, entertainment, and fashion.

So if you have a certain field of interest, this could be a great way to expose your ideas and thoughts to the world. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

You’ll only end up attracting an audience, meeting new people and even making money like lots of blogs do!


3. Get A Book

I am sure you are familiar with the saying, “Readers are leaders”. And that isn’t just a saying because the most successful people are the ones that spend their time reading. Think am bluffing? well, get this.

Bill Gates reads about 50 books every year, Mark Cuban reads three hours every day, Mark Zuckerberg resolved to read 24 books in a year, and Warren Buffett spends 80 percent of his day reading.

I am guessing you already know that those men listed above are not millionaires but billionaires. Don’t waste your time reading fictional novels and sci-fi nonsense. Those will only get you nowhere. Rather read books that give an insight on life and it’s secret.

Here are some amazing books we recommend you to read…

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  • The Law Of Success by Napoleon Hills
  • The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
  • Secret Of The Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker
  • Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hills

Now you should know that these books do not target the area or field of learning that you might be in. But rather every key factor and principle to be successful in life. Be sure to check them out.


5. Sign Up For A Class

It could be a dance class or music class. Really you could use it. Learning something new is an amazing way to build your brain’s ability to process new info and adapt to something new.

Not only is this better than being a couch potato or doing nothing at all. Besides, you might find whatever it is you learned to be very useful in the later future.

6. Write

Just like blogging writing is one amazing thing to invest your time in because it leads to opportunities you don’t expect. No matter what area or field you are there is always something you could share in words that would be of great value to anyone who reads them.

R.L Stine started writing at the age of 9, and as you know it was just for fun. Little did he know that in years to come to the creepy thoughts which he typed chapter after chapter would become a worldwide bestseller worth over 200million dollars.

So if you love to write why not do it. You could even get a journal and begin writing every thrilling or non-thrilling event that occurs in your life. Who knows, in years to come it could become an autobiography that everyone would wish to have.


 7. Tidy Up Your Environment

Now let’s be honest, except you are some sort of clean freak, cleaning isn’t much fun. But it’s something we have to do though. Your home is where your heart lies so it’s crucial you give it an extra spark when you have the time to.

I am sure you have heard the common saying ‘A clean home is a happy home’ so rather than just throwing caution to the wind or spending thousands a month on a maid. You could always get down to doing things on your own.

If your house is well-kept you will surely feel a great deal of pride and joy.


In a nutshell, your time is precious and the last thing you would want to do is waste it on things that profit you nothing.

Rather than just being a waste, invest your time in things that you will be glad you did later in the future.

The fact that a person is unproductive or is experiencing failure cannot be blamed on the childhood or background the individual had. But rather how time was spent.

You might not have a say to where or how you were born but you do get to decide how you end up in life. And the only way that can be achieved is by the correct usage of time.

So don’t waste your time doing things that do not benefit your life or that of others. Neither should you stick around with friends that are unproductive.

Rather follow these steps. You’ll be glad you did.




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