Why You Aren’t Making Any Money Through Affiliate Marketing

By Demilade Adebayo / February 26, 2020

I am very sure you really cannot stand having a blog that seems to be on a standstill any longer. You’ve tried every form of Affiliate Marketing program.

But everything seems to be the same, no clicks, no shares, no likes, and no traffic.

It is quite unfortunate that a lot of blogs seem to suffer the same faith. 

Building a blog isn’t much of a task but making money out of it seems to be the Achilles heel for a lot of blogs in Nigeria. Moreover, Blogs that suffer from this faith all have a number of things in common and we are going to be picking them all out.

You are about to discover what you are doing wrong and how to make it right. You could be a newbie, old timer or just someone who blogs for the fun of it.

 Either way, it’s about time you begin making money off your blog…

Let’s Dive In!



Using The Wrong Affiliate Program

This here is one mistake I have spotted in literally every site I visit every day. Bad use of affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing is an amazing and top-notch way to make money on your blog. 

Dan Lok, a multimillionaire from Hong Kong made his first millions at a young age through affiliate marketing programs. 

How amazing, but why haven’t you?

It’s because you are going about it the Wrong Way! It makes absolutely no sense for an individual to use an affiliate program that has nothing to do with his/her blog. 

Doing that is just an amazing way to eat up space where the right affiliate programs could be. 

Allow me to illustrate this a little better.

Jumia affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria Where you get a 12% commission for every sale made through you. Well, that is darn profitable. 

So much so that almost every blog in Nigeria has chosen it to be their number one affiliate program. And that is where the problem falls. Every blog has a purpose to it. Some for Education other News, Gist, Hacks, lifestyle and all sorts. 

If your blog is based on News, gist and things like that, Please do not use an affiliate program that urges people to buy Shoes, Phones and other related items. It is a total waste of space. No one will click. You’ll only be placing a jink on yourself.

And if you run a blog that talks about Inventions, Technology and other cool latest gadgets. Do Not Consider affiliate Programs that urges your audience to Place bets on sports to make money.

That is just Wrong!


Same goes for placing scholarship programs on a non-educational blog

What I find funny and at the same time sad is that lots of blogs in Nigeria have this. If you do then you know the steps you have to take. 

Now I know some of you might be thinking “But I align my blog with my Affiliate Programs, why haven’t I made any clicks Yet?” Well, your answer to that question lies in the next Point below.


Failure To Align Your Post With Your Affiliate Programs

So you have your affiliate programs directly aligned to your blog but what about your post? Does it make your audience want to in any way use the link?

Picture yourself as your audience, would you be persuaded to buy a product or follow a link you know nothing about? No? I thought as much. Neither will your audience. 

It is already becoming clear why no one clicks your links right? of course, you didn’t tell them to. Sometimes people want to take action but then procrastination set in and in as less a 5 seconds your audience forgets his/her decision.  

This is why you have to give them that little push through your post. Let your audience know what they stand to gain from whatever affiliate program is hanging around on your blog.

You’d be surprised how drastic the changes in sales will be. And why? because you gave your audience a reason to follow the link. A good reason to be precise.

If you do sports blogs, tell your audience at the very end of your post how much money they could make from predicting the next match. You are really getting me right? Of course, you are, it’s a no brainer. 

I recommend you do a little research on copywriting, that way you know how to sell through words. That’s right, a simple technique that would fit amazingly into your money-making arsenal.

If you are still riding along with this post then congrats because you just attained knowledge on the most crucial parts of succeeding through affiliate marketing.

Be sure to digest everything you just read down to your subconscious mind even. It’s something worth remembering if you ever want to make that money you dream of on most nights.

Have you done these but haven’t made any clicks? Impossible! These two reasons listed are able to get you clicks once implied. But then again what good is it when you have amazing content but no one to share it with.


Failure To Promote Your Blog

Lastly, you’ll be placing a major predicament on your blog if it is aligned with the two points listed above but not with this one. Am sure you can already imagine how unfortunate that would be. 

Your main goal should be getting social media accounts where can you expose your amazing content to the world to see. After All There’s no point having a compelling blog with amazing content yet no audience.


Social media platforms like

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Twitter 
  • And Instagram


These platforms are the leading ones when it comes to promoting ideas, products, and services. What’s more, with a little amount of money your content can be shared to thousands of people using ads. 

That way you skip the stress of sending messages, emails, and post to an audience that might or might not be interested in your content.

With all these steps considered and taken into action, there really is nothing that could hinder you from getting what you already worked for.


All in all, the rate at which you earn money from your blog balls down to the amount of work you put into it. There is no such thing as nothing for something. 

The more work you put into what you do, the more positive results you are bound to see.  

Now that you know just know exactly what you have to do, don’t just sit there, Get to making that money.

You could even come to thank me later!

If you’d like to know more about Affiliate marketing, how to dominate in it and examples of Programs you could choose from…

Feel free to use the link below…


Everything You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing

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