Top 7 Dropshipping Tips For Nigerians

Do you own a dropshipping store and you aren’t really making as much as you feel you should? We’ll rest easy because it happens to lots of drop shippers around the globe.

Making a few bucks off dropshipping isn’t all that difficult but if you want to begin making it big like we imagine you do. You’ll need to add a little more effort.

And that is exactly what we are going to be checking out in this article, 7 of the best tips every successful dropshipper has taken up and worked upon.

Without wasting any more time, let us dive into these tips…


1. Work On A Specific Niche

It is without saying that you can’t punch a hole through a thick wall by hitting every surface area you can find. This here is what a lot of dropshippers do. Believe me when I tell you it won’t be easy filling your store with products your customers need when you are trying to make everyone satisfied

Your goal should be to ensure your store is focused on a particular area or audience. That way anyone within that category or interest would be sure to find what they are looking for on your store. Compare that to someone who wants to dropship every product that can be found on the internet.

It just won’t work. There is this saying I once heard: if you are able to deliver everything then you’ll never be able to deliver any of those things well enough. You’ll only be making your store look uncomplicated after opening. That is how customers will feel after going through your store and not finding what they want.

Rather do the right thing. An idea would be to choose a niche that has a lot of audience and interest within your country or chosen region. That way you have people coming into your online store every day. It might seem like you aren’t on the fast lane compared to others but remember I mentioned at the beginning of this article, these are tips the most popular dropshippers around the globe have implied and gotten them to their current stage.

You are better off focusing and meeting the needs of that targeted audience than just shooting blanks in the dark.

A good idea would be to dropship unique and difficult to find items. What i mean here is that you shouldn’t waste you tip dragging to your store goods that you can get by the side of the road.


2. Open Multiple Stores

During my research, I realized something similar within the best and most successful dropshippers. They don’t just manage a store but several. But don’t get me wrong, they all start with one and when the money and progress begin to show they open another store which has a different niche and targets a whole new set of audience.

So am guessing you know what to do now. don’t just run off creating another store while trying to promote or grow your current one. Rather do it after, this way you could even place a link to your new store and if your products are as good as they should be, you could end up making twice as much,


3. Low shipping costs are very important

Even though your supplier or manufacturer will handle the shipping, if the cost is too high, it will act as customer repellant. Find something that is inexpensive to ship, as this also gives you the option of offering free shipping to your customers and absorbing that cost as a business expense in order to attract more sales.

And keep in mind that the more weight the product you are dropshipping has, the more money it will cost. Which is way sometimes the price of a product might be very attractive but when shipping fee come in the whole thing just crashes.

So just keep that in mind, your products shouldn’t cost more than it does around you.


4. Make Your Store Automated

Honestly, there will be times when you just won’t be able to operate as much as you should, for instance, you could have a chat section for interacting with customers online. Only for you to be away or busy while a visitor comes in with a question and inquires. You don’t want that to be you.

Simply automating sections in your site can save you a lot of time and even help the job become way more effectively than a person would. This software is built to convert tasks, processes, or campaigns within your dropshipping business. It intelligently executes exactly when needed.

Which is why I find Oberlo very interesting and effective for dropshippers like yourself. Most of the platform is already automated so you can spend more time dragging products to your store and less designing and giving feedback to your customers.

Making your store automated also enables experimentation and creativity and the best part is that you won’t take your time setting it all up.

Some examples of automation software  you could get include:


This here offers a powerful inventory and order management system that keeps track of the stock levels and inventory status effortlessly. All the information synced across all sales channels so that you could make informed decisions during when you aren’t available.


Setting up and managing email campaigns has never been made this easy. Using the builtin campaign manager, store owners can easily create and launch email campaigns. The marketing automation functions help stores attract new visitors and follow up with current customers through targeted emails.

Google Alerts

With this automation, you have got a spy of your own that looks at your competitors and alerts you about everything from price change to new product addition. You will get an email every time the condition of an alert fulfilled.


5. Create A Plan For Your Customers

Sure planning on how you could make tons of sale every day for months is pretty important but what about the people buying those products from your store. Surely you have to give something back for all that way you are recognized.

Believe me, when I tell you that it will be well appreciated, you’ll greatly be standing out from your competitors. And is exactly what you have to do, people are looking for something or someone different you could do that by giving your customers special offers and discounts.

Research shows that most people tend to lose interest in an online store where no there aren’t any discounts or special offers.

Another way to go about it is by contacting them on social media, asking for advice on how you could deliver better products and services. Your customers will really appreciate this because not every business considers its customers. Everyone is busy looking for a way to make more money and in so doing forget the people the money comes from.


6. Expose Yourself

You’ll never get to fully understand how the world of business and online trading works if you don’t go out there and learn from the mouths of experts. You’d be shocked if you realize just how many business conferences are held weekly around Nigeria.

Some even specialize in dropshipping alongside, mini importation and other legit money-making strategies that can be done online. The goals of these events are to enlighten young entrepreneurs like yourself on how to go about the world of e-commerce. Some even run 3-7 days courses.

Conferences like these are carried out by successful dropshippers, and just finding yourself amongst people like you should be a motivational boost to push further and better. You could log on to Eventbrite to check out events and conferences that interest you. Also:

  • It caters to online businesses of all sizes
  • It’s not as expensive as it seems
  • Highly educational
  • Motivates your creativity
  • Takes away a lot of the guesswork in setting up your own business


7. Focus On Your Business As A Brand

After making most parts of your store automated, you’ll then have the time to focus on a more important part of your store and that is marketing and branding. Here’s what I mean, by branding you’ll be creating a good looking website and a logo even that way you can be recognized. And marketing? well, this is where the money and serious work comes in.

In other to do this you’ll need to make research on how to generate traffic to your store, Promoting and boosting posts on social media and converting your visitors into customers.

Creating ads on social media and other platforms is a good way to drive traffic to your store..You also would want to keep in mind that most e-commerce stores convert at a rate of 1-2%. That means if you have less than 100 visitors on your site you probably won’t be getting any sales.

So what this means is that the more you get traffic in your store the more lightly you’ll make more sales. Frankly, not everyone that comes in will buy stuff from you. So just focus on generating traffic and growing your brand. It doesn’t just have to be a business. We are talking go big or go home here, isn’t it?


So let’s have a quick recap. In other to make your dropshipping brand effective and productive you have to Focus on a particular niche, don’t go about trying to dropship every item the internet has to offer. And even if you want to, a great idea would be to open another store. But don’t forget to do this only when you have enough progress on the first one.

Never dropship items that are heavyweight as it could greatly affect the price of the actual item thanks to the shipping fee. And ensure you make your store automated, that way you can tend to more important parts of your business or life.

Always have your customers in your mind, as if you don’t the next guy seated close to you at the conference will. And lastly… Focus on growing traffic and making your business less of a side hustle and more of a brand, an empire which you have given your time and effort to.

Do these and you’ll be sure to start seeing progress in the sales of your Store. So don’t just sit there, take some action already!


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