Make your life easier in Nigeria using these 5 apps.

Are you new in town and need to plan your way around? or you are need to make some transactions without going to the bank?

Here are some apps that help make living in Nigeria easier. Download each app from your Android Play store or Apple App store for IOS users.


Google maps

1. Google Maps

Have you ever gotten lost while finding directions to a destination or ever been confused by the poor description given to you by a person on the road?

This app solves that problem.

With google maps, you can now plan your journey well and get good directions to your destination at reduced cost.

This is one of the most useful apps right now for anyone that needs to transport himself from one place to another. Continue reading

The Big question – Why naijalifehack ??

The small answer 🙂
It all started during a midnight shift i was running on a vessel deep sea. I was thinking about the way of life of the average Nigerian and tricks and tools that can help an average Nigerian man perform better in each area of his life ( wealth, peace of mind and health) while going through the struggle of the Naijalife. I later broaden my thinking to include the mindsets, inspiring ideas, techniques that can boost the productivity of an average Nigerian man.

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