How To Create And Sell WordPress Themes In Nigeria

By Demilade Adebayo / October 20, 2019

Are you have a creative mind in the aspect of graphics designing and website development, if so then this article is meant for you…

Back in the early 2000s before the internet became what it is today, only top-notch programmers were able to create and design websites. And as you can imagine, lots of those people were able to make plenty of money during that time.

Now technology has improved and frankly, you don’t need to know anything about programming before you can begin building websites and web templates. All it takes is just putting two and two together and boom you have a website.

Typically WordPress Themes are Unlike static HTML sites, WordPress themes are a set of template files written in PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Typically, you would need to have a decent understanding of all these web design languages or hire a web developer to create a custom WordPress theme

However, designing a website isn’t as easy as building it. This step that time a lot of creativity is required. A lot of people have either one of these or even none. Some people would rather buy themes and designs for their websites.

And this is where you come in.

In this article, we are going to be checking out how you can create WordPress Themes and sell them Online.

Let’s Dive In…



Be Creative

If you are going to start creating themes on WordPress you need to think outside the box, Frankly, no one wany=ts to see the same Theme attributes and total display over and over again. You have to be creative with your designs.

And how do you do that? Well, allow me to break it all down.

Being creative doesn’t just ball down to getting new ideas and cool designs but also taking risks and ignoring what a few people might say about your work You should be able to break the routine and doing something different for the sake of doing something different.

And analyzing thousands of different routines all so you could create that one which is specifically yours. It means being able to draw inspiration from literally anything around you, and that is the kind of mindset you’ll need if you want to succeed doing this.  You can idea choose to be an average man or does average work for average pay and attention.

Or you could choose to succeed by putting all you have into your work and getting all you deserve at the end of the day. With that being said let’s move to the next step which is targeting sections you wish to design.


Target A  Section

Every WordPress Website has a particular theme and designs the site owner has in mind. A theme on An Ecomerce Store is nothing like the one you’ll find on a News Platform. Just like the one on a News Platform is far from that of Online schooling This is why you have to select what types of themes you’d be working on. It wouldn’t be a very good idea if you begin building themes for every and any website just like that.

If you want to get a good reputation, it has to be one where you become the Go-To guy when a person is looking for a particular theme. Stick to one o two which you find easy or one you feel more comfortable doing. And do it well before targeting other areas.

Researching a niche will help you determine what competition you have and the likelihood you could succeed in the market.  When you finally choose a niche for your theme you will have a target audience you can market towards and can determine what keywords and marketing approach will work best for your theme.


Make Your Themes Easy To Navigate Through

Just because you are thinking outside the box and making an amazing Theme doesn’t mean you have to overdo it to the point where navigating becomes hard and complex for users. Instead, keep it all standard, Make every category clear and every button easy to observe.

Pulling a stunt like making some buttons disappear and reappear over time is something you want to do. In fact, no one will ever purchase that theme. I once had saw that kind of thing a site I visited. One minute an important button was on the left side of my screen and the other minute, it was gone!

Make your themes easy to use and navigate by anyone, if you have to test run it on children before uploading it, do so. Anything to make sure it is easy to navigate through.


Set Up a Good Theme Options Page

When your theme is purchased the new owner will need to update and upload a few things every now and then. And your set Up page is where all that work will be done.

If you don’t consider this then you’ll have a bad start in this work because the site admin at a point would need to change how the site functions or remove some features. How will that be possible when you’ve left the whole thing like a scrambled puzzle.

When creating your themes options page, only include what you think people will really use and do some testing to make sure that you have intuitively labeled and organized the settings.


Include Descriptions

People don’t just get to move around your theme like it’s theirs when they haven’t purchased it yet. This is why you have to specify everything about that theme to make it captivating. All people get to see is the preview when on your work profile.

So be clear on your description and specific on your features. This is also a way you could let your users know how to operate some aspects of the theme.

Nothing is more annoying than a person getting a premium theme and not having a clue on how to go about some features.


Log On To ThemeForest And Create An Account

ThemeForest is one of the most popular theme marketplaces by Envato on the web. If you haven’t heard of Envato then friend, The marketplace has published more than 10,000 themes and templates by over 2500 authors. Which makes it the best place to place your work.

The website generates very high traffic, which you can tap into if you wish to sell WordPress themes on this marketplace. The catch, however, is that, as a new author, you must get your theme approved and give up 50% of all sales, which increases to 70% if you sell more.

Remember I said something about taking risks and making sacrifices at the beginning of this post. All you have to do is create an account by logging on to



Codecrayon is another company owned by Envato. Just like ThemeForest, it is also a marketplace where you can create and sell themes however it has an upside to it.

This Platform lets you skip the process of uploading your plugin for free on the WordPress repository. You just have to become part of the CodeCanyon community and tap into their audience to sell your work. Working with Envato is one way to get started because all you have to do is submit a theme, get approved, and the sales will naturally come as long as your product is good.

In many ways, the theme listings act like mini landing pages, which also get ranked in search engines.


Work on social media

Market Yourself

So now let’s say you have successfully followed all the steps from the beginning till this point. Then that’s awesome, you have created your first WordPress theme and uploaded it amongst the thousands of other themes out there.

Truth is that unless your theme is straight out of this world you won’t be able to make as much as you desire due to the amount of competition. Which is why you have to advertise your work on platforms such as social media and other blogs around or outside the country.

A good idea would be to create a Brand name for your themes and even a couple of social media account so you can reach out to people who are looking for better themes for their WordPress website. This will be amazing because people often find it confusing what theme to choose when faced with thousands which share little to the same quality.

Ads are simply your best bet at making your work public. People are constantly creating ideas each day and are making those ideas comes to life by opening Websites. So that goes to show that themes are a thing people need constantly. Every now and then some websites might even feel the need to upgrade to a nicer or more professional looking theme.

And what better person to get the job done than yourself. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram And Facebok give you the opportunity to expose yourself or work to a wide range of audience through ads. And if your work is as good enough, you’ll be making a lot in no time.

In a nutshell, simply being able to create cool designs and themes on WordPress isn’t something small or a skill you should ever down look. This is because a whole bunch of people make a living off this creating themes both professionally for WordPress and also take private orders on various freelancing platforms.

So don’t just read these steps and forget about these steps. Take some action towards it and tell a friend if you have one who is creative and loves to design. You’d ve glad you did once you begin making a ton of sales.

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