Digital Products And How To Sell Them Online

By Demilade Adebayo / October 20, 2019

Are you trying to make money off the internet but you don’t have an idea where to start? Well, allow me to introduce you to the world of digital marketing. Now you may be thinking that sounds complex and it’s something only well-educated people can partake in. Well, I say you have to think again.

You could be a 9-5er looking for a way to get a side hustle that pays. Or just a student looking for a means at which you could earn a good amount of money without going through all that labor. Good news is, with digital marketing you can begin making a good amount of money online.

And all you are going to need to partake in this is easy. Just pay attention to this article because we are going to check out what digital marketing is, how to partake, and examples of digital products you can sell.


Let’s dive in…

What Are Digital Products

Firstly when the word ‘Products’ pops in your mind, what picture does it paint out? Clothes? shoes? Foodstuff? all of these are right but to sum it all up, they are items you can either sell or get at a price. Thanks to how much technology and people has advances virtual products aren’t the only things that can be sold online.

As a matter of fact, you can sell yourself! by that I mean your services, literally anything you have to offer can be a means of earning money through the internet. It could be Cooking related, sports, skill, a special talent or even an application. Here’s the crazy part, you could even get paid to do people assignments and projects you are familiar with.

All of these things can be rendered to a large audience on the internet and at any price you wish( just be sure not to overdo it).

So let’s check out a list of Top digital products in high demand and how you could start selling the ones that interest you.



If there is something everyone whats to know its ‘How”, How do I become more confident, how do I pull a backflip, how do I hack my sim card, how do I rob a bank. Okay maybe that was a little off the line but all I am trying to point out here is how curious. You would be very surprised to see how many ridiculous questions are thrown to Google every day.  And sadly not all can be answered accurately.

Now that’s where you come in if there is something you can do and very well, why not take it to the internet. There are tons of sites where you can register to give tutorials at a certain price. This is very effective because the world has gotten to a stage where people can now go to school online, travel Online also and soon thanks to 3D printing we might soon be able to download food!

Here’s the point, the last place people want to learn stuff is in a classroom, and thanks to advanced features on the internet it is very possible to learn from the comfort of your home. so it’ll be best you take advantage of this fact.

If you are into cooking, why not create content on how to make very unique and exotic dishes. What would be more amazing is if these dishes can be made out of everyday ingredients and spices.

This is one of the most effective ways to make money selling digital products because knowledge is always in demand. People always want to know stuff. What better way can that happen when you’ve got all the knowledge they need either staked in a book or video.

Just like tutorials, online courses are also amazing digital products to render on the internet. I could even call it the most popular because I have found myself and a couple of other people glued to taking courses online. From language courses to Software development and even piano lessons.

I and a bunch of people I know and do not know have gotten these skills through online courses. But at a point or two, I stopped as I didn’t have money carry on with the courses. Turns out my 7days free trial was over. It was epic learning a few new stuff and if I had cash at that time I’d gladly enroll for full courses.

But that was just me, there are tons of people who are willing to pay as much as they have to just to learn what you have to offer. All you have to do is make sure the content you are delivering is worth the price tag you put on top.


Sell Ebooks

Now you may be thinking not many people read books, well thanks to social media and all that comes with it. I thought so also until I visited amazon and guess what? People make tons of money selling E-books online. What more it doesn’t matter what type of book you are into. There is always a reader.

It could be motivational, Just a Novel or a tutorial. If it is worth the time spent reading it, and money spent buying it people will order. Let’s not forget it could be about anything.

I recently saw a Youtube advertisement that had a guy speaking 7 different languages ‘Ikenna Obi’ you got that right he’s Nigerian and speaks Chinese, French, Spanish, Russia and even dutch. And after displaying all of those, he recommended a book he wrote which was to make speaking foreign languages easy for beginners.

I, as an enthusiast to literally everything, clicked on the ebook and below I saw a lot of comments. Turns out people were intrigued and decided to buy the book. And as you can imagine those comments were very positive.

The whole point of this is just to create contents that give meaning or a form of entertainment to your readers. If you have a bitch, which is an idea you wish to sell, put it in a book. If you know a recipe for the most delicious meal on the planet, put in a book. And if you are a fitness or relationship expert, why not write most of your frequently gotten quest in an amazing form and post it online. With a price tag of course.

Just do it.


Software Programs

Applications are amazing, everyone uses them due to how easy they make life seem. Honestly, I am pretty sure I have come across more apps that have solved my problems than people who have.

And that is what makes them so useful and amazing, applications are just what you need if you are trying to make your phone or any other device a personal assistant. I clearly remember how easy and thrilling it was to navigate my way to places I was never familiar with using google map.

And just like that people are looking for ways life could be made easier. Even if it’s by an application or computer software. There are literally no limits to what can be done using our devices. After all, research shows that our phones actually have more processing power than the computers that carried the first astronaut to the moon.

So if you are into a software developer, a good idea will be to look around at what challenges people are facing and how you could create an app that can tackle that task. Going into Freelancing could get you a lot of money also. You won’t even need to think of programs to build as people will always reach out to you for your service.



Have you ever tried to use a very good-looking photo for a presentation or maybe just for your wallpaper only for you to find out it is watermarked? That is always frustrating, well for me in particular, why do all the best pictures have to be stamped by the company that took it. Well, that was the question I used to ask myself till I realized those company logos can actually be removed, but a price.

To be honest I never knew people actually buy pictures online but turns out they do and if you are a photographer this here is a digital product for you to sell.



Now you just can’t go around selling articles online as newspaper vendors do on the street. Selling articles are things that are done best on freelancing websites such as Fiverr, Upwork and freelancer. On these platforms, you are able to as many contents you want for clients. The more professional you look and present yourself, the more money you can actually charge.

I have friends who make more than 10 dollars a day just writing articles for people through freelancing. Don’t stay left in the dark.



I bet you didn’t see this one coming, well yes you can actually sell your music online, But I won’t advise you to jump right into it without any form of publicity. Absolutely no one will consider clicking the buy button if you are a nobody known by no one at all. Whatsmore when I mean Music I don’t mean full songs.

These could include beats you created, solos you wish to sell or lyrics written by you. You can also create such contents for clients though some of the freelancing sites I listed above.


In a nutshell, selling digital products is just as profitable as selling actual products. Maybe even more profitable because as I mentioned, we are in a world where everyone wants to get work do though their phones and without moving outside their comfort zone.

So don’t just sit there, start working on your skill and if it’s good enough, push it into the internet. You’d be surprised how much you’d be making.

And if you play your cards right, you could end up making a name for yourself in that field you choose.

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