E-Commerce Tips You Have To Know

Do you hate that your E-commerce store seems to be stagnant for some reason you do not understand? Perhaps you’d like to know more about how to improve on your Business and just what it’s going to take.

Oddly enough research shows that 80% of people fail in e-commerce like that isn’t shocking enough others claim that the rate is as high as 97%. However, we aren’t looking at the mistakes made by these people In this article but rather simple tips that could greatly improve your e-commerce.

But before I begin walking you through the process you might be thinking “What exactly is E-commerce”. Well, it isn’t as complex as a lot of people take it to be that’s for sure, E-commerce is simply a commercial transaction that is made online.

Meaning you don’t need to have a blog or own a massive store to partake in it, so long as you buy and sell a product or service using the internet, you are involved already. It’s quite simple, isn’t it?

What’s much simple is how the whole process works, maintaining it, however, seems to be the Achilles hill for everyone who seems to try. Truth is a lot of people create online stores, stork it all sort of random goods and then wait for sales to come. Never in a million years will that person make a kobo!

With that being said, let’s get down to business…


E-commerce Tips


Build A Relationship With Social Media Influencers

Firstly, we are kicking off with a person or people who could help promote your store to a large audience. Social media influencers most of the time have credibility in a variety of industries. And with a huge number of fans and followers, they could promote your store to a large audience.

Social media influencers are able to persuade followers of theirs to buy from a brand they work in, and that brand is your e-commerce store. Although you are going to be charged a hefty price but believe me it’s going to be worth it because you’ll continue to earn years after that promotion.

And get this, the more social media influencers you’ve got by your side the more audience your brand is being showcased to.

Not surprisingly a whole lot of popular and intense growing brands take advantage of how much significance these guys can be. Whatsmore, you see them everywhere doing it, sometimes all they’ll have to do is wear your branded T-shirt and just like that, everyone wants to wear the same brand also.

You definitely don’t want to down-look the power of social media influences.


Work on social media

Work On social media

As you can imagine literally everyone on this planet that has access to the internet is on social media, so what better way is there to get recognized. With competitors springing from every corner it’s advisable you publicize your Store to a large range of audience.

A more advanced tactic would be to run ads on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That way your info is displayed in everyone’s newsfeed.

If there is one thing you want to focus on doing, it’s providing products that tackle a particular task or problem. That way your ads would grab more attention rather than being ignored. You don’t want all that money you spent on ads going to waste now, do you?

But that’s not all, if eventually, you succeed in luring people to your store you are going to need a social media platform. That way the latest products and updates can be given to a wide range of people all with a single post. A lot of successful organization and e-commerce stores operate on multiple social media accounts. You could just say The More the merrier.


Make sure your Platform is appealing

Now listen carefully, No one and absolutely no one will buy from your store if it looks like a raw HTML file. You don’t want your store looking like it’s being ran by a novice or worse a fraud. Honestly, the appearance of your site can send a million messages to your visitors. In fact, it just so happened to me some days back:

There I was going through my Facebook feeds when I saw an eye-catching ad on a smart-watch, the price was pretty tempting and I followed the link. Well, I followed it only to end up on a site that looks like crap, there were so many ads and colors flashing I just had to exit…

The point here is, your store’s appearance has the power to discourage literally anyone at all who come seeking to get something. But hey no pressure, it also has to power to lure visitors deeper into your inventory.

So how exactly do you make your store look appealing? Well, there are a  number of ways to do so. For starters, if you have a good sense of creativity you could design your store all by yourself, giving it the unique touches you wish. If that isn’t your thing then you could buy skins and Themes from the site, your store runs on.


Look up to other stores

Find An E-commerce Platform To Look Up To

It’s no secret that you are going to need a mentor in whose steps you could follow if you want to excel. And especially if it’s an area you aren’t quite familiar with. Truth is as a newbie or old-timer it’s really important you seek a mentor. It doesn’t have to be a big-time  E-commerce store like Amazon, Alibaba or Jumia.

Fact is no organization will willingly give out info on how they run, operate ads and feature products. All you are going to depend on is your analyses skill: Focus on how products are listed, generated and sold. And of course, Google could give you relevant information also.

Other alternatives include joining communities to seek advice, you’d be surprised to see how many conferences around the country  give tips and awareness to entrepreneurs like yourself.

Now what I am saying here is that you should look into these guys and find the patterns you love, what you like and what makes them special. And then apply it to your own business. Don’t go trying to copy everything you see, it won’t end well, that’s for sure.


Customer Relationship

Establish Relationship With Your Customers

If there is one thing you have to remember, it’s that you aren’t the only person that partakes in e-commerce. There are thousands of e-commerce stores online, and all looking for ways to get customers

All you have to do here is to bulid a relationship with your visitors so you don’t lose them to other competitors. You might be thinking of how that’s possible because all people do is zoom in and out of your store. Well let’s confirm:


Thanks to how technology has advanced there are now multiple ways to connect with visitors, making them customers. With online tools such as Livebots and social media outlets, you could reach and capture customers in a jiffy.

Also, make sure your website is presentable, and start a blog to engage your customers and prospects. Simply build customer relationships through your online presence. Asking questions and replying to any complaint or inquiry.

Ask For Feedback:

Creating Section for customers to write how they feel about your store is one idea you don’t want to skip. It could be bad reviews or good ones, it doesn’t matter, the point is you are listening to what they have got to say. That way you could get to know what their specific needs are and find the best solution to their problems.

Place comment cards on your business counter, or conduct a survey. That way you could always get back to them.


Any relationship type of relationship is going to require a good load of communication if it’s going to last. In that same sense, you want to make sure you communicate with your customers. Building relationships with customers is just as important as promoting business. In fact, establishing trust could lead to your customers referring their friends and family to you.

You could also apply an email newsletter, which is a message that goes out every week or month, and completely un-automated. This is a chance to share unusual content and personal messages.

Rather than just making a one-way conversation all about your products and latest offers find out what they need, then show them that you have a solution to their problem. It’s that simple.


Stand out from others E-commerce

Stand Out

If there is one thing that would draw people to you, it’s if you have got something no one has or do something no one does. Quite simply people can’t come to you when you look just like everyone else. There won’t be a difference!

People want to see something new and captivating. Sure you might have the answer to their problem but what if everyone does also, The way you present it is what draws them to you. Create something unique and if it’s good enough customers will be eating out of your palm in no time


offer free shipping

Offer Free Shipping

If you plan on opening a new store then this is something you have really got to try out because customers would be more interested in buying from you knowing the regular cost has been cut. However, If you’ve got a site running already then you could simply do the same, the only difference is that a particular amount of goods will have to be bought first.

You could offer free shipping after products worth Ten thousand naira and above are bought. That is one smashing way to stand out from competitors if you really look into it. The question now is if you can afford it. Although it might seem like a loss at first, but on the long run, you’ll be having more than two hands full of customers.


Ensure your store is ready

Ensure You Are Ready Before Starting

One of the main reasons a lot of people fail while doing e-commerce is due to the enthusiasm rush of opening the store and beginning with sales. Thereby, giving an under-developed site an active status. This just makes the whole platform look wack and what’s worse is how badly it will function.

The point here is never to rush into it, take your time neatly, setting every item into their category. That way products are more easy to find and your site can be navigated through without faults.

Simply no one will spend more than a minute when your inventory looks scattered.


Automated E-commerce

Make Your Business Automated Any Way You Can

Honestly, there will be times when you just won’t be able to operate as much as you should, for instance, you could have a chat section for interacting with customers online. Only for you to be away or busy while a visitor comes in with a question and inquires. You don’t want that to be you.

Simply automating sections in your site can save you a lot of time and even help the job become way more effectively than a person would. This software is built to convert tasks, processes, or campaigns within your e-commerce business to automation that intelligently execute exactly when needed. It also enables experimentation and creativity and the best part is that you won’t need to invest your time.

Some examples of automation software  you could get include:


This here offers a powerful inventory and order management system that keeps track of the stock levels and inventory status effortlessly. All the information synced across all sales channels so that you could make informed decisions during when you aren’t available.


Setting up and managing email campaigns has never been made this easy. Using the builtin campaign manager, store owners can easily create and launch email campaigns. The marketing automation functions help stores attract new visitors and follow up with current customers through targeted emails.

Google Alerts

With this automation, you have got a spy of your own that looks at your competitors and alerts you about everything from price change to new product addition. You will get an email every time the condition of an alert fulfilled.

Never Compete On Price

Do not compete on price

This one here is pretty straight forward, never will a person in their right mind consider your store as an option when all you do is increase the prices of your goods and services. And all in the hope of making a profit, all you’ll be doing is basically throwing the time and effort you spent setting up your work into the garbage.

Basically, everyone is looking for a way to save money and no one will visit your store if you add so much as  50 naira  to your product. Think am bluffing? put you self in the shoes of the customer then you’ll understand me better.


In conclusion, Succeeding in e-commerce isn’t as hard as the numbers might take it. The secret here is just to play your cards right. Just like the law of attraction: So long as you give positive energy into your work. you are definitely going to get what you deserve.

Once you think about it, the steps you have to take aren’t that hard. But the question is “Now that you know what you must do, are you going to take some action”. Follow these steps and Trust me. You’ll be Glad you did.






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