Effects Of Paralysis By Analysis And How To Overcome It

Have you ever found yourself thinking long and hard about a plan to the point where you end up not carrying it out? Or maybe that plan had a deadline which you missed due to the level of caution you were taking to ensure the plan was full proof.

I bet at one point in your life such has happened to you, and believe me when I tell you that it could happen again if not gotten rid of. And what exactly are we trying to treat here? It’s Paralysis By Analysis.

This here is just as it sounds, taking time analyzing a situation to a point whereby you don’t do it anymore. This is a very common situation among people and it is a very big hindrance to entrepreneurs who think big. It’s crucial and very important to look before leaping but sometimes overlooking before that leap can do long term damages to you.

You being in a state of unproductivity is pretty much the last thing we at Naijalifehack would want for you which is why we have come up with this article. Ensure you pay close attention to this article as we give you a better understanding of Analysis by paralysis, how it affects you and how to overcome it.

Let’s dive in…


The 3 P’s That Could Be Holding You Back

Overthinking a situation isn’t just the only thing that causes Analysis by paralysis, in fact, there are 3 of them and they walk hand in hand to ensure you don’t carry out that task of yours. They are:


This is simply the act of avoiding a task that needs to be accomplished before a certain deadline. It’s very common and it is also one of the major reasons people are unproductive. They just want to set work aside and make up silly excuses to skip the task at hand.

Procrastination is simply what you do when going through Analysis by paralysis. You don’t want to just jump right into delivering your task, so you keep pushing and pushing the date till you fail.

When done frequently it could be further stated as a habitual or intentional delay of starting or finishing a task despite knowing it might have negative consequences.



When the thought of perfection comes around, it drives an individual into taking drastic measures to ensure the task comes out the best way possible. This thought also hinders an individual from ever coming to a conclusion because he/she is stuck thinking the task isn’t good enough to be carried out just yet.

Perfection simply pops out when one is in fear of failure. This is what leads to the not good enough idea, fear. Other times perfection kicks in when people think they haven’t enough even when people are impressed. They tend to think it could be better if more time and analysis was dropped on the task.



This here is exactly how it sounds. Some people can’t just help but remain couch potatoes even when they see the deadline approaching.

These 3 P’s combined is like a vicious circle that keeps you from getting things done. And here is how to break it before it strikes.


Set Your Goals

The failure to set your goals is one of the main reasons you might find you might find yourself struggling with meeting up with deadlines or never being able to complete your task.  A lot of people have goals that they wish to achieve but never can due to how often they lose focus.

Focus is a very easy thing to lose when you don’t have a constant reminder of your goal. A lot of people make think all they have to do is keep their goals in their heart or head and they’ll be alright. Well, it doesn’t work that way do you think successful people keep notes and journals all for nothing?

You need to be constantly reminded of your goal if you ever want to meet that goal. Simply taking notes of your goals, and end time plans can serve as a motivation to finish up on any objective you have. Because without those set in other you ‘ll never achieve those written words.

Studies show that keeping notes of your goals and activities will give you a better understanding of where you are, where you currently are and where you are going. This keeps you on track compared to others.

Set Your Objective

A lot of people don’t know what their objectives are, and some who know cannot differentiate between what their objectives are and what their goals are. They tend to think it’s the same thing and end up losing sight of the main target. Here is the difference:

Objectives aren’t really the main things you wish to accomplish in life. Unlike your goals. objects aren’t things that would keep you up at night due to planning and analysis of how you’ll achieve it. Here’s an example, for a lot of people their Goal is to be successful in whatever skill they possess. The Objective, however, could be to buy a car, build rather than rent a home.  Check off some things off a wild to-do list and lots of other random stuff.

Not knowing things like is one of the reasons the 3 P’s are more likely to take effect on you.

A good idea would be to write down all your objectives and be sure of the ones which are more likely to affect you when not acted upon. This gives you a clear understanding of how much attention you should pay to a certain task. This way you’ll be more productive and less of a victim of the 3 Ps.

Time Your Decisions

Just because you have got a full month to finish working on a project or task doesn’t mean you have to mess around knowing you’ve got enough time to pull it off. This here is one of the major causes of procrastination. You think to yourself that you’ve got all that time so you push and push till you hit and pass the deadline.

The right and best thing to do would be to give yourself a time which is lower than the actual deadline. Now this will not be easy as it requires a big load of self- discipline, and control. But it really gets you repaired and gives you more time to analyze some more before the deadline passes.

Seek Advice From Someone You Trust

Sometimes you might be too caught up in this act of paralysis by analysis that you might actually need to speak to someone. Some people are able to overcome it on their own but as I said, that requires a lot self- discipline and control. If you aren’t the type that has plenty of that then your best option would be to talk to someone.

Perhaps all you need is a little bit of sharing and even motivation to keep you from pushing your tasks past its deadline.

Learn From Past Mistakes

There’s a saying I really love and it goes something like this “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. And that is a simple truth, If you have ever found yourself facing analysis by paralysis just think back to a previous event and how you overcame it. Even you didn’t overcome it, think of how you failed and try as much to avoid making the same mistake.

Thi sis something everyone has to analyze every now and then. Look at Thomas Edison for instance.  As an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times?.” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

For every time Thomas Edison failed, he learned a lesson and started over avoiding the mistake he made in the previous test.]

Learning from your past mistakes simply cuts that time you use figuring out how to make your task ready.


Do The Hard Stuff First

This is another main cause of procrastination and paralysis. People tend to ignore the hard task they are given and do the easy one first. Things like this will eventually lead to excuses for being tired and not prepared for the hard task ahead. The next time you find yourself with a number of task. Be sure to pick out the ones that seem more difficult and spend a good amount of time on it.

Also, apply the other steps listed above so you fall into one of the little tricks that can lead you into the 3 Ps.


In summary, Paralysis by analysis isn’t something you want to find yourself doing due to the number of negative effects it could have on you. Being unable to maintain consistency is something that can really disqualify you from any good position you find yourself in.

So don’t allow yourself to become a victim of this. Follow these steps and you’ll be on a freeway to a productive life.

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