Everything You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

By Demilade Adebayo / February 19, 2020

Far from what lot a of Nigerian might think, There are many legal ways to earn money through the internet and Affiliate marketing is one of them…

With the present country economy, everyone is simply looking for a means at which money could be earned. Now imagine being able to earn that money anywhere and anytime, even while you aren’t awake!

What if you could skip that daily hustle that beings at sunrise and ends at sunset.

Earning a few amount of money that bearly fulfills your needs in return for all that work isn’t something we want you going through. However, with Affiliate marketing, you could make times 2 or even 3 of whatever you earn now.

But that is if you play your cards right. Stick around as we overall it is you need to know about Affiliate marketing…

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is simply you promoting Goods or Services belonging to various E-commerce websites and stores or Online services.

After which you will be given a commission from the sales, registration or clicks made through you. It’s that easy. Taking part in Affiliate marketing is just like becoming a merchandiser, your goal would be to promote a product and ensures it sells so you end up earning for every sale made.

it is simply a relationship between the Advertiser(yourself), the manufacturer(The people or company whose product you are promoting), and the consumer. The only difference here is that you won’t be caught dead under the Sun or standing like a lamp post throughout the day.

With affiliate marketing, you could earn money while you sleep! ​

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Truth is affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable online business you are likely to come across. And if you know exactly how to do it right, you could find yourself with a massive income…

The banner of the product you wish to sell would be embedded with a specific link which contains your id. That way the manufacturer is notified and knows that the product was sold through your promotion.

At doing so, you will receive a commission from the company for being responsible for driving traffic and new customers to their website. The more Visitors follow the embed link and buy items, the more money you get. It’s that easy…

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

Just so you know, getting paid as an affiliate isn’t only determined by the number of sales you make. Yes, there are different types of affiliate programs that don’t even require sales before you earn.

There are 3 ways to buy which an affiliate can be paid:

1. Get paid per sale

This program is by the most popular and well-paying affiliate program. It’s the normal procedure whereby the affiliate promotes the product of the manufacturer using his/her specific strategy.

No transaction is made in the process until a consumer complects a sale using the advertisers link.

2. Get paid per lead

Paying per lead is a different and profitable program. Here the same process applies, the only difference is that there are no sales being made.

The goal of the affiliate would be to persuade customers into taking action on the manufacturer’s site —it could be a quiz, survey, subscribing to a newsletter/ channel or to download a software/application. Until a visitor takes action on the external site, that there will be no transaction made.

3. Get paid per click

This program is in the purpose of driving traffic to the website of the merchant the affiliate would promote. Just like the previous method. Only that the aim is to generate traffic income. Affiliates would only get paid when a certain amount of traffic has been made. One consumer won’t be enough to ensure transactions.

Note that the amount of money earned here are different from one another depending on the program or merchant.

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

Now that you know how the whole system works, Let’s check out the benefits and why you should take part in affiliate marketing:

  • It drives Traffic to your website
  • There are no limitations to how much you can earn
  • You could earn continuously from just one promotion
  • Gives you the ability to earn money from anywhere at anytime

Steps, Strategy, And Tips on Affiliate Marketing

Let’s get down to the steps you need into becoming an  affiliate and dominate while at it:

1. Bulid a Website

First thing first, you aren’t going to be promoting the merchant’s goods or service using a poster. you are going to need a website and blog which will serve as a means for promotion. The main focus should be on the blog because that is where most of the advertising would take place.

2. Decide On What You Wish To Promote

Finding out exactly what it is you need to sell is very important. You simply don’t want to rush into any affiliate program you come across.

Every successful affiliate marketer has a targeted affiliate program which he/she uses to influence customers. Simply being greedy and going after any affiliate program out there will be a total waste of time and effort.

You’ll never get any clicks if you try promoting a program you aren’t quite familiar with. How exactly do you know what types of affiliate programs to promote? Well you have to do is put yourself in the shoes of your customers and answer these questions

In terms of Pay per Link or lead programs:

  • What problems are people trying to solve?
  • What would people like know and where can they find it?
  • Is there a lot of competition in this program?
  • Will it generate a lot of traffic?
  • Would there be any risk or Problem Getting involved?
  • Does it have anything to do with the content on my blog?

In Terms of Pay per Sale

  • Is this product or service in high demand?
  • Does it solve a problem?
  • Is it a product that sells only at a certain time of the year?
  • How much competition is there on this Program?
  • Is it aligned with my blog posts

If you can answer these questions then you’ll be able to decide what affiliate program to go for.

3. Align Your Blog With Your Affiliate Program

Imagine running a blog that is based on Fashion, trends and all that comes with it. It would be one heck of a terrible idea to promote merchants that specialize in Cooking and everything that has to do with the kitchen.

You get where am going right? Do not promote stuff that has nothing to do with your blog. It won’t just be a way to lose traffic but could give your site a bad reputation.

4. Create Quality Content

Note that no one will ever follow a link embedded in your site if all you have on your blog is poor content. Your main goal is to persuade the customer into following the link. You can’t achieve that goal if your content is flat out bad.

Take your time, don’t rush it. It’ll be all worth it as customers follow that link over and over again.

5. Do Not Sound Formal

A simple mistake a lot of affiliates make is that they tend to sound more like a salesperson than a regular guy trying to promote a product.

People don’t want to read a post that looks like it was written by automated software. Sure you need to dish out every detail about what you’ll be promoting in other to get clicks. But do it like you are conversating with a friend or family.

Rather than giving a tone that makes your customers lose interest.


You are probably wondering what these affiliate programs are and how you can get to them. Well don’t sweat, we are about jumping right to it.

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria

1. Jumia Affiliate Program

If you are looking into taking your blog to the very next level then you got it with Jumia the affiliate program. With thousands of products and services to choose from it’s no wonder, they take the lead as Nigeria’s No.1 and most trusted online shopping destination.

With so many products from which you can choose it won’t be much of hassle finding the right one. Follow the steps below and turn your site into a money making machine…

  1. Follow the link, to Enter The Jumia Affiliate Program
  2. Sign Up
  3. Login to your email address sent to you by Jumia
  4. Log in and view your dashboard

And just like that, you are ready. It isn’t complex now, is it? After successful sales have been made you’ll be given your commission at the end of the month. Not immediately a sale is made. Also no that you’ll need to make at least 10,00 a month before you get get your cut.

Your commission would be 12% from Every sale you make.

2. Konga Affiliate Program

Konga Affiliate program just like any other allows you to make money online by selling products for great commissions. All you have to do is follow the steps below and you could become a partner with Konga.

  1. Open an account 
  2. Sign Up
  3. Agree to the terms and services
  4. Happy Marketing

You receive a sum of 500 in your affiliate account instantly. But you won’t be able to do a transfer, you see just like the previous program, Konga’s minimum transfer balance is N10,000. So you’ll need just a little more patience

3. Bet9ja Affiliate Program

Odds are you already know what bet9ja is all about. And if you don’t? get this, Bet9ja is one of the biggest sports betting platforms in Nigeria. With thousands of sports lovers testing their analysis skill in the quest for money.

With such a large number of people behind this merchant, you’ll be golden. Let’s dig deep a little further…

Here you will get up to 20% of how much each of your customers(People who used your link to register) has lost and how much they won in bet9ja. So it’s a win, win for you.


Payport is another e-commerce website I am sure rings a bell. It’s an online store regarded as Nigeria’s preferred online retail store when it comes to the quality of products.

Is it books, appliances, dresses or furniture, it can all be found on Payporte. Here are the steps you need in other to become a partner.

  1. Register for free on their website
  2. Automatically earn ₦1,000 upon registration
  3. Log in to your affiliate dashboard to choose which product to market
  4. Get promotional material like referral links, and banners from them
  5. If any visitor visits their site via your link and buys anything, it’ll be registered as a sale for you
  6. PayPorte will review and approve the sale
  7. You will earn 5-10% commission off every sale, accumulated and paid to your bank account
  8. And you are good.

5. WhoGoHost Affiliate Program

Who Host is a Nigeria web solutions company and is one of the top tier web hosting companies in Nigeria, providing services for clients within and outside Nigeria.

Making money promoting this site isn’t that different from the rest as those are the basic and fundamental processes…

Visit the website and signup to the affiliate program, and for every referral you make you receive 15% commission



All in all, Affiliate marketing isn’t as complex as a lot of people take it to be. It’s easy and also an amazing way to make money online. So why not try it out? You don’t have anything to lose, but you have so much to gain from it.

All you have to do is Invest just a little bit of your time into the steps listed above and You’ll be on a part to successful affiliate marketing.

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