The Negative Truth About Social Media In Nigeria

Believe it or not, but social media is one of the fastest ways to waste your time, data and pretty much your life as a whole. Okay maybe I cam up to strong there but the reality is that social media isn’t something that deserves more than 40% f your attention.

Surveys on social media usage and addiction are everywhere on the internet. You could check them out on Quora, Surveymonkey and even Survey Pie. All of these sites have conducted research and as you can imagine the outcome is really clear and identical. And here’s the fact, Everyone is looking for validation.

Everyone simply wants to pull up an amazing font in the eyes of others, be who they aren’t and just hide it all in one post. Why, validation. To be honest I feel sorry deep down for obsessed users who post literally every day about how they are living their best lives and stuff like that.¬† Do you know why I feel that way? well, it’s easy and logical. Life just sucks for them.

Social media was made to make communication within ourselves much easier, stress-free an effective. But the way people use ti now it’s become the opposite. Looking through the lens of this generation I see social media as three things…

One a Battleground, two an Escape route.

You might find it funny or sort of uncomfortable that I see your safe heaven from that point but then I say so because I have seen friends go out of there ways just to look cooler than others. At a point in my life, I even got the point where I wanted to show off on social media just like everyone.

You know get on my best outfit and stand in front of the mirror take a picture just to show y friends in all around the globe that I just got the latest iPhone. Wait, is that really necessary? What do I stand to gain? status? A title? supremacy? sure that would come but do you really know what that would be doing to someone else who is on the other side checking your post?

Well, it’ll just ignite the thirst to belong, to show off even if they have nothing to show for. and when that happens someone else sees It and the mad circle keeps on going till… Well, we all wake up and realize how much effect this feeling of supremacy on social media kills.

Lately, peer pressure doesn’t come anymore by friends forcing you into something you don’t want in. All it takes now is a single post to damage an individual’s sense of worth, purpose, and confidence. A single post which by the way is unnecessary can lead a person into a bunch of dirty stuff. All for what? competition. The need to do more…

Your classmate at school is having an amazing life (according to the post you see every day) and boom you want to show what you’ve goy also. It might sound ridiculous but this happens every day on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

And what is worse is that the young people are the ones falling prey to such. No one wants to chill in the dust, no one wants to wait for the storm to pass before stepping out. No, that that matter is that you prove you aren’t living a mediocre life even when you are.

Did you know that people who post frequently on social media and for no reason are the ones that are the most lonely and in need of validation from others? Think about it? 1 minute you see a post captioned how do I look. Or I look really pale, fat or messed up. Words like that are mostly captioned on amazing looking photos.

And you can already imagine how much comments that picture is getting. Hundreds and close to thousands if possible. Letting the whole world know how you look every morning isn’t really a need to express beauty. It’s a need to be commented on.

Which is what my next view is, an escape. People don’t want to face life as it is. Life isn’t as easy as social media big shots show it. Underneath those flashy houses, luxurious cars, and amazing bodies lay a man/woman who works like hell and looks nothing like that icon you see on your phone’s screen.


But naa this generation doesn’t want to accept reality as it is, they don’t want to deal with the hard work and show for it later on. Most of these people have been abused and addressed as worthless by the people around them. Some don’t even have people to ask about there well being that just drives them to addiction.

When reality sucks and life seems harder every day. What better place to hid and escape than though feeds and cat videos, memes and a bunch of filters. And those two things are the main reason young people use social media. Those same two reasons are why I try to stay far from social media also.

I use it we all do, It also has its positive sides which we’ll look at later on but these negative parts are the foundation of the attachment young people feel. This article only to brings you to an¬†epiphany of how social media has a tight grip on the very people we see every day.

The truth of it all is that social media on a great scale distracts people from their goals.

The number one` reason people procrastinate is simply because of social media. One just can’t help but pick up the phone in other to know what is going on around the world. You want to know what your friends are up to, you want to quickly reply to that message. You want to leave a like and maybe write a comment. And one minute turns into one hour just like that.

A survey shows that people tend to pick up their phones once every 2 minutes in the hope of seeing a new notification a few minutes after uploading a new picture. I am sure you can relate to this one here, pretty much everyone is guilty of it but here’s the main question. Is that constant checking hindering you from completing a task?

Well, most of the time it is, and that is the truth. A lot of people give all sorts of dumb excuses form not fulfilling a task and I always look and smile. That is because I realized that there is no such thing as an excuse. If an average person can take the time on focus spent on social media and put that same focus and amount of time in a simple dream or task.

Nothing but productivity will commence forth. Nothing else other than productivity, which is why I just laugh at people who fail and give excuses. If you really want something to happen, you’ll drop the rest and focus on what you want. But social media is too awesome and interesting to drop. And that is why procrastination will never stop.

So whenever you want to study, a news feed will pop up, whenever you want to work you get 1 new comment along with 12 likes. And you’ll always turn your interest away.

I actually found my life to be more productive when I took a break from using my phone. Actually I lost my phone, but hey that was a very long stay away from social media. And during that period I began talking with people who I don’t talk with on a normal day. Why? I still find myself wondering.


The world seemed more interesting and eventually, when I got a phone I didn’t care as much as I did before about social media. It’s like a very attractive looking trap that curves your attention form important stuff. So if you feel like you procrastinate thnks to social media a good idea would be to take a break.

3 weeks or even a week if you can, sadly there are people who can’t go a day without going through feed or uploading a new picture. Don’t be like one.

People who spend tie on social media also do not appreciate the world around them. They just want to remain in the bubble they created. They don’t care about politics, wars , global warming or any world issues. Umm, that sounds more like the generation we have today right?

Well with all of the amazing cities, parties, and beaches you see pictures being taken in, who has a tie to care about how the world is falling apart and remaking itself.

In a nutshell, social media is an amazing tool that was made to make life easier for every one of us. But, the way it is being used just does the opposite. And if something isn’t done about it soon enough the public will continue to live in a world that isn’t real.

Unproductivity will continue to spread and no one will be focused enough to pursue his/her goal when distracted by these things. Now you know how much effect can social media can make on a person or how much it has made on people. Don’t keep it to yourself now, share it with a friend, perhaps, on that might need it.

Take heed of these keywords and you’ll be on a highway to productivity.


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