The Positive Truth About Keeping Friends In Nigeria

Friends are vast and they come in different shapes, sizes, manners, and characters. It’s not easy picking the right sets of friends as you can’t really know what goes on at the back of there minds. Who knows the whole friendship might just be a way of exploiting you or taking advantage of something you possess.

Frankly one can’t tell for sure, however knowing the right types of friends to hang out with doesn’t totally depend on the character of the person. But simply how much influence that person has on you. You could also determine these kinds of friends by pointing out how much value they put into you.

And am not talking about financial value here. In the last article, we talked about the truth about keeping negative friends, here we are going to be looking at the reverse. know back to what I was saying. A lot of people do not appreciate the types of friends who give them nothing but advice.

They think friends like these are boring and not worth a single minute fo there time.  but the truth is that friends like that are the type you need. Someone who pushes you to do the right thing. Or perhaps one who motivates you when you are feeling down or not worthy enough.

Friends like this make life seem more and more meaningful as you engage in them. You’ll find more comfort in friends like this if you are the type that is ambitious and focused on the future. Looking into the previous article I talked about how negative friends had an influence in my life but I never talked about how I found myself on the right part.

Well,  its super easy I found a friend who reminded me of who I was and why I am alive. And after a few years of friendship, he said something to me a new years eve. He said that if I ever wanted to move forward in life, become productive and achieve all my dreams I’ll have to lose friends that didn’t think and feel the same way I did.

I was really shocked and I bet you can imagine what that would sound like to a person surrounded by very few ambitious friends. I looked and laughed for a bit I knew I’d have very little to no friends. But I took what he told me by heart as he was right and the sentence made sense.

A few months passed and slowly communication began to reduce between me and those friends that didn’t thirst for success as I did. And can you imagine what began to happen?

I didn’t immediately being moving forward in life or excel in productivity but here’s what happened. Slowly I began to see new people coming into my life, some young some old I didn’t care though because they had 1 thing In common. They all had that thirst for success. They all were ambitious and focused.

And with more and more interaction with them, everything became more and more clear. Learned more, I got exposed, I studied more, I was told about my flaws and how I could do more. Do you have friends like that around you? Do your friends drive to be a better version of yourself every single day?

If no then you have to lose those ones that aren’t causing positive changes in your life. Because there will never be space for the positive ones when you are surrounded by the negative just like I was. Now if you feel like you are the type that does not have friends at all, and you would lek to attract some positive ones in your life there are a few things you can actually do. Let’s check them out…


Be Positive

If you are familiar with the law of attraction then you’ll know what I mean by being positive. According to Wikipedia n the New Thought philosophy, the Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.

Simply the type of mindset you have will have an effect on your surroundings. You can’t be a bad, armed or dangerous person and expect good people crowding you, no way!. People just like that would love to a role with you and the same thing applies to being positive.

Be yourself

I have seen people lie just to make friends and that isn’t in any way the right thing to do when trying to make friends.

It is said that “birds of the same feather flock together.” When you pretend and hide your true personality in order to be liked or accepted, you’re being fake. The problem with that is you’ll attract people who are fascinated by such personality and character. They won’t love YOU, they’ll only be drawn to the person you’re acting to be.

Dare to be yourself. Do not be shy about your hobbies and fantasies. Talk about what you love and you’ll attract those who share the same passions and interests as you.


Develop Yourself

Sure you might be an awesome person, but this doesn’t stop you from reaching into gatherings and meetings that help you learn or become better at a particular thing. This could really lead you to find people that share your interests and thoughts about the world.


Take A Break From Social Media

Sigh, social media might seem like an awesome place to make friends but it isn’t. Literally, everyone isn’t who or how they claim to be. Every one just hides there true color within filters and smilies. You never know who is right and who is wrong. Why? everyone is constantly putting up a font that isn’t there’s.

SImply following these tips will not only help you in your daily life but also draw the right and positive people towards you. So here are some more benefits of keeping positive friends…


Your choice of friends can really determine the level of focus you attain. Just I stated in my last article about negative friends, Positive friends do the opposite of keeping you distracted. They don’t see you studying and invite you to a party. Rather they help you burn that midnight candle

They serve as a lens that directs your part when you are going off course. People have seen and ignored friends like this and the result of it all always regrets.


HelpYour Health

It would be really unfair for you to have a friend that constantly makes you worried due to all the trouble he/she keeps on getting into. Positive friends, however, play a very crucial role in your mental and physical health.

Positive friends make you happy and stress-free. They make you smile and the happiness gets you to the moon and back. Compare that to the fake form of happiness negative friends give, they’ll probably get you high for a few minutes then you end up feeling like crap afterward.

Positive friends encourage you to change or avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as excessive drinking or lack of exercise.


Keeps You Motivated

There is nothing like having someone who will boost your moral anytime you feel down or stuck. Positive friends improve your self-confidence and self-worth They help you cope with traumas, such as divorce, serious illness, job loss or the death of a loved one.

They show you that there is light at the end of every tunnel and they are willing to walk with you to that light.


Friendships might help keep your mind sharp

Having friends who make you feel like you belong may be a key to better physical health. A 2012 study found that older people’s dementia risk increased with their feelings of loneliness.

“The fact that ‘feeling lonely’ rather than ‘being alone’ was associated with dementia onset suggests that it is not the objective situation, but rather the perceived absence of social attachments that increases the risk of cognitive decline,” the researchers wrote in their findings, published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry.

(However, the study found an association, and couldn’t determine whether the loneliness was a cause of dementia.)

In a nutshell, Good friends are good for your health. Friends can help you celebrate good times and provide support during bad times. Friends prevent loneliness and give you a chance to offer needed companionship, too.

They show you the right part to take when faced with various challenges and they are always there to stay.

Adults with strong social support have a reduced risk of many significant health problems, including depression, high blood pressure and an unhealthy body mass index (BMI). Studies have even found that older adults with a rich social life are likely to live longer than their peers with fewer connections.

So don’t cloud yourself with a bunch of people who don’t share the same view of life like you do. Find those who are able to make you a better person and you’ll see the difference in your life as time passes on.

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