Smart Business Idea Validation Guide


Below  is a little peek at  what you should expect to find in the smart business idea validation system Manual

Chapter One – Introduction to the concept of Business Idea  Validation tells you what idea validation is all about, why it is so important to test a business idea before diving into the business and most importantly introduces you to the Validation Process.

Chapter Two – Validating the  Problem shows you, with real practical examples and use cases, how to identify your customer's problems. You would also learn how to use simple Facebook tools and Special Survey techniques to quickly identify your target market.

Chapter Three – Validating the market would shed light on how to confirm that your target market is large enough to have a sustainable business. It contains real-life examples on how online tools Such as Amazon, Google Ads, Udemy etc can be used to gauge your market size cheaply and quickly.

Chapter Four – Validating your customers willingness to pay will show you some methods that can be used to confirm that people are willing to pay for your product even before you build it.