Ways To Earn Money Online For Students In Nigeria

By Demilade Adebayo / February 20, 2020

Don’t you just hate having to move around campus with an empty pocket and maybe even a growling stomach? As a student, it’s no secret that sometimes life can be very tough. Especially when you are schooling in an area really far from home. Or maybe home isn’t as financially strong as you wish it would be.

Now you feel stranded, getting a job while schooling is pretty much like Juggling while riding a unicycle, it’s not impossible but it is very hard.

And now tons of ideas are going through your mind on how you get make this money and make it the right way without getting your hands dirty. Well you can and it’s very easy, all you ‘ll be needing is your Smart device and will to invest your spare time. This could be your smartphone or laptop. Anyone works so long as it has good internet coverage.

Makings money off the internet(without scamming a soul btw)might seem too good to be true and even if it were, then probably not for an ordinary student.

But here’s the deal…

Thanks to how much technology has advanced students like yourself can find a variety of ways to make money online. This can only be done when you invest a little bit of your spare time into what you are about to read and you’ll be making extra cash in no time.

Allow me to walk you through the whole process…


 Now my guess is that you have probably heard of freelancing at one time or another but then you think to yourself, ” NAHH no one is really going to give me money(And in dollars btw) online for helping them resolve or finish a project. Well, that Is exactly how freelancing works.

For those that do not fully understand what freelancing is allow be to break it all down. Freelancing is just like digital marketing, it’s a method at which you can offer a skill you possess as a service and you’ll get paid instantly on successful delivery.

Thanks to Platforms such as Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork, anyone can offer a variety of services through the internet. Some of which you’ll find interesting and appropriate for you.

The goal of platforms like the ones listed above is simply to connect people looking for services online with people who are able to meet up with those services. And yes people all around the world go online every single day looking for someone who can deliver a project or assignment as fast as possible. After all, Google can’t do that, can it? Some services you could offer as a freelancer as listed In the next Line.


If you have a basic idea on how HTML AND CSS work then who says you can’t begin creating websites for people who need one. With all my experience being a researcher and blogger I have come to realize that not everyone is looking for a fancy website with intriguing themes, filled with exclusive designs. You get my point right?

All some people want is just a simple site that holds information about them. Some sites are just as little as 3 pages, Gallery, Home and About. That’s something you can do right? If yes then you don’t have to waste any more time because you could earn nothing less than 7dollars just for a small site.

The catch, however, is that you’ll need a system to input all that line of code. Using any of these freelancing platforms is awesome but I’d recommend Fiverr as they have a reputation as the leading platform for freelancing.

It’s also free to sign up but you’ll be given a test which will prove that you are familiar with web development before your account can become public. That shows how legit it is.



Now coding might not be your thing, maybe you are into words. You love to write stuff, books, content, articles,write-ups, whatever it may be. Just have it in mind that someone has been given an assignment to write something and that person is looking for a helper on Fiverr.

Blog owners, students, and organizations turn to freelancers in most cases when they don’t have enough time/ Resource to get the job done. As a writer on Fiverr the least, you can make is $5( 1,800) Average(5,760) and highest(18,000). And all for a single write-up.


Note: It could be higher depending on the quality of your article.

 You’ll need:

  • Good command on the English language.
  • Writing skills.
  • Efficient at online search.
  • Must type fast.


I am sure this one has you excited already because, hey your ability to read has gotten you this far into the article but here’s a question, did you notice that I spelled Proofreading wrong?

If you did, good job and if you didn’t then you might want to watch out because being a proofreader and editor on Fiverr will mean coming across a lot of errors like the one above

Here are some things you’ll need to be good at:

  • Editing Skills
  • Few editing jobs under your belt
  • Good proofreading speed
  • Samples for clients
  • A reference from a writer is a plus

According to sidehustlenation.com The base-level $5 gig will generally get you 500-1500 words worth of proofreading, but a full-length book maybe 20,000 words or more. At the $0.01 per word rate, that’s 20,000 word book is a $200 (72,000)order.



If you are a lover of Photography and music Fiverr has a spot for you. A lot of upcoming musicians go to Fiverr looking for people who are able to create a beat or play a solo using an instrument.

As a musician on Fiverr after making a beat or pitching any form of work for your client the content you created will belong to that client the minute you get your payment.

Photography is likewise the same thing, you might be thinking why a person might want to buy a picture or some photos from you. Well, it could be that the region you reside in has the particular thing your client wants to be photographed. Don’t think about Google because most images there are either watermarked or copyrighted. So there will be no stealing of any sort.



Create A Blog

This here is pretty much the easiest and most beneficial thing to do. Simply starting a blog in your school and publicizing it will be one way to boost traffic and earn you a lot of money. A good idea will be to open a blog which concerns your school so students can always be eager to go online and see what’s new.

Before Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg in his second year of school created a social media platform named Facemach. Of course, you have no idea what Facemach is but it  was known by almost every student at Harvard at that time.

My point here is that you’ll be having an opportunity every blogger wishes for, and that is a wide range of audience, The traffic, however, does not get you the money you desire. Here is An Article That would help you Build a Blog That Makes Money.


Tutor Online

 As a student, There are many reputable tutoring agencies online you can join to find clients that need tutoring in subjects you are particularly knowledgeable.

These agencies will let you apply to become an online tutor and connect you with the students or clients that need help in your area or areas of expertise. You can do this work part-time, making some nice extra money.

You will need a Skype account and high-speed Internet connection to offer to tutor in academic or non-academic subjects. Here are some websites you can check out to find online tutoring jobs:

  • Tutor.com
  • TutorVista.com
  • TutorZilla.com
  • Tutors Home
  • HomeworkTutoring

You can also create an online course and sell it through Udemy or Skillshare.


Become A YouTuber

I bet you enjoy going into YouTube to watch some of your favorite YouTubers do their thing, or maybe you just enjoy watching funny and educational stuff. Whatever your purpose may be the fact is that those guys you love watching are getting paid by YouTube and so can you.

It could be about anything at all! one thing I have realized is that millions of people on YouTube will watch you and subscribe if  YOU UPLOAD CONTENT YOU LOVE. That there is the secret to every YouTuber with millions of subscribers. Pewdepie recently hit 100 million, subscribers. He doesn’t upload tutorials, movies or funny skits. All he did was record himself playing video games(what he loved) and people seemed to love watching him.

That makes no sense right? well it didn’t to me till I found myself hitting the subscribe button. I guess it as just fun to watch. My point here to start a YouTube channel that focuses on things you love.

Another example I’d like to share is Mike Boyd. His first video was just of him trying to learn a skateboard trick in a day. In fact, that is all he does, he learns stuff really fast and takes records of his progressions. And guess what, everyone seems to love it. He has over a million subscribers and as you know. 1million is the point every YouTuber can begin making money.

He even has multiple skillshare classes which he teaches all the things he learns in his videos.

Here’s how YouTubers make their money..

1. Ad revenue.

When there’s an ad on a video watch page, the creator of that video shares the revenue from that ad with YouTube. YouTubers aren’t allowed to discuss ad rates, but it’s generally acknowledged to be between $1 per 1,000 views, up to a few dollars per 1,000 views.

Many YouTubers also make sponsored or branded content, in which they share or discuss a product for a fee. This can be very lucrative, but there’s also the risk of clouding your authentic relationship with your audience.

2. Merchandising.

Many YouTube creators sell shirts or mugs featuring logos or inside jokes. There are companies designed for niche creators looking to make merch for their audiences. For some YouTubers, this can be a bigger source of income than ads, but for most, it’s a relatively small business.

3. Ancillary products.

Many YouTubers are able to use their existing audiences as the activation energy for other projects–from tours to music to makeup lines to books. Because many of these projects have better-established business models (like, people generally expect to pay for books), this can also be a great business.

4. Subscription fees.

This is an emerging business model, but I think a very promising one. Voluntary subscription platforms like Patreon: Support the creators you love allow viewers to support the creators they love directly.


In a nutshell, you really don’t have to waste all that precious time you have on parties and fun stuff when you’ll be facing an empty stomach the next day, Rather invest your time in activities that would be sure to benefit you. If you have to are interested in learning any of these skills required for the job opportunity above, be sure to go online for tutorials and courses.

Do this and with time you’ll realize that you are better off being productive alone than unproductive with friends


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